Sungjin Jang

ABOUT photographer

Majored in film making at Chung-Ang University
Served military duties as a photographer
Assistant director of commercial Film production
photographer of K studio in NJ , USA
Majored in photography at Kook-Min Graduate school of design

중앙대학교 영화학과 연출전공
국민대학교 사진영상 대학원
니콘스쿨 초청강사



2011. 01   [영국 단체 초청전] "VER" /  amgallery, UK
2016. 12   [미국 개인전] "PAIRING" / K&Pgallery, USA
2019. 02   PhaseOne certified professional [POCP]
                 대한항공 사진 공모전 입선

2020. 10  International Photography Award 2020 - Cityscape professoinal section HM
2020. 10  Nikon Imaging Korea [니콘 스쿨] - 초청강사
2020. 12  Nikon Imaging Korea 신제품 런칭행사

2021. 01  Monochrome Awards 2020 [IPA] 프로패셔널 4개 부문 HM수상
                                                      - Nature Professoinal section HM
                                                      - Portrait Professoinal section HM
                                                      - Conceptual Professoinal section HM
                                                      - Street Professoinal section HM